"License real music you want to listen to"

Super8Sync is a music agency.  We provide easy to clear music from real musicians.  Our strong musical history means we have an impressive network of musicians and music makers within all areas of the industry at our finger tips.  We want to use this pool of musical connections to help you find the perfect piece of music for your project.


Whether you are seeking music from a well known established band, brand new music from a fresh new independent artist or a unique piece of music that has been created especially for you, Super8Sync are here to help.


We have an un-rivalled and ever-expanding catalogue of music from independent artist's all pre-cleared and ready to go.


Why not get in touch with a musical brief and let us search on your behalf.  This is a FREE service with no obligations. 

You only pay for the music that you want to use within your project.

Bespoke Music

We work with some of the best music composers around.  We are happy to provide custom demo's and work with you and your creative team to ensure you get the very best piece of music written especially for you and your brand.

Music Supervision

Need some help with the musical part to your project?  Why not get in touch with us to help? 

Meet The Team

Emily Dean

Emily has a passion for music like no other. She lives and breathes music & has worked within the music industry for over  26 years.


Having placed music for top brands such as Adidas, Four Seasons, Which?, Bacardi, Leaders, Bombay Sapphire, Hublot, Nivea, Getty Images & Lipsy to name but a few, she is certainly a force to be reckoned with!


Paul Pascoe
Paul Pascoe

Paul has a strong background in music and music production, having worked as producer, engineer, teacher, songwriter and performer for over 25 years. He keeps his ear to the ground, tracking the latest cool acts on the scene. Paul knows what’s hot and what’s not and he will find that elusive track to bring your project to life.






Our experienced bespoke composers are happy to compose onspec so you can be sure that you are working with the right composer for your project. 


Please send us a brief and we will select the best composer(s) for the job and send a few options your way.


If you are looking for music for your next project please do get in touch as we would love to help.  Just send us a brief and we will send across some music that may be of interest.  We don't charge to search for music - you only pay to license the music that you want to use...

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